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Anat Hochberg’s beautiful singing, expertise in music, and enthusiasm for her work and teaching bring the best out of any group of musicians, singers and praying-people... Anat’s harmonies in the Hadar Ensemble have been stunning...
— Joey Weisenberg, Creative Director, Hadar's Rising Song Institute.
As a Hillel director, now retired, I have greatly enjoyed leading High Holiday services with wonderful student cantors. But Anat is the only one whose beautiful singing and spirit so carried me away that I lost track of leading the service. Anat is a wonderful soul whose singing opens your heart and lifts your spirit. To sing with her is a great blessing!
— Rabbi Saul Perlmutter, UMass Amherst Hillel
Anat is a top shelf song carrier and song leader. Her music is filled with depth and beauty and has a way of bringing unity and magic to groups both large and small.
— Rabbi Pesach Stadlin, author of Sustainable Bliss
I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be in many different song spaces with Anat throughout the summer of 2017 and beyond. It was really beautiful to see and experience how through her singing and musical leadership, she was able to cultivate spaces of joyfulness, fun, community, healing, and spirituality with people of all ages and singing comfort levels. She really is able to change the energy of a space through song.
— Yael Engel, Eden Village Camp Farm Apprentice
Anat shared her music with my community last Spring when she performed a concert in my house. The performance was a sweet blend of Jewish and secular music, and covers and original pieces. It was intimate and participatory; her presence created a cozy vibe filled with beautiful and invigorating music.
— Rachel Brustein, Chicago
I’m not sure I have met as intuitive a songleader as Anat. Anat brings people into music and connection in a way that is total magic— each time I am astounded by the presence, joy, and sacredness of what she has made. I hope I get to sing with Anat forever.
— Zettie Shapey, Educator and Artist

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You helped me remember that I like to sing.
— Counselor, Eden Village West