Anat plays intimate house concerts with participatory singing, fun festive dance music, and is a ringer as a vocalist and pianist.


Ritual Leader

Anat leads prayer and ritual, grounded in her study of traditional Jewish prayer, earth-based experiential Jewish ritual and education, and her connection with the Divine through the Earth. Most recently, she was the Director of Yahadut (Judaism) and Music at Eden Village West, and led High Holiday services at Cornell University.


Music Educator

Anat teaches voice, piano, ear training, and beginning guitar to students of all ages. Anat brings her experience with formal classical & jazz studies and public school music teaching as well as her love of creativity and improvisation to bring out the natural musicality in her students.


Jewish Educator

Anat is a creative Jewish educator. She brings her traditional Torah study, her Hebrew-speaking Israeli roots, and her love of play to her teaching. Anat has spent time in traditional yeshiva study (Yeshivat Hadar) as well as in immersive experiential learning (Urban Adamah, Eden Village Camp). In her 3rd-grade classroom at Congregation Beth Elohim, students learn Hebrew calligraphy with chalk, freeze dance to Ofra Haza, and ask questions about Shabbat all the time.


Choral Conductor & Arranger

Anat loves working with groups of singing people. She has been singing in choirs since 1999, and has studied conducting and songleading with Wayne Abercrombie, Kayla Werlin, Tony Thornton, Deanna Joseph, Lanfranco Marcelletti, and Alice Parker. She loves thinking about the ways voices work together, and is currently working on a collection of Jewish choral arrangements.


Consultant & Coach

Anat loves helping people think about prayer leadership, teaching and learning, creating safe and human-honoring spaces, and holding sacred space. She has helped develop music and Jewish programming at Eden Village West and Eden Village Camp. In her current role as Musician-in-Residence at Yeshivat Hadar, Anat coaches students in their prayer and song leadership.

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